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Quilting Machine for sale

January 25, 2009

p12401541                                                                                            I am selling my Gammill Optimum quilting machine. The price is $8000.00.  I bought it new in 1998 and have quilted over 500 quilts on it. It has a 14 foot table and comes with some accessories and patterns. It has been well maintained and runs beautifully. Here are some photos of it. If you are interested, please email me at Thanks, Ranellp1240156p1240157p1240158p1240159p1240160

January 14, 2009


this is a cool detail from one of my Wild Women quilts.


This is the one I sold to Jackie for her new restaurant.


Here are Leroy and me laughing at something… We are standing in front of the quilts of us.


This is a photo of  my toy sewing machine collection.


This Mariner’s compass was part of a challenge. It has become a Mariner’s Stopwatch. I am quilting it currently, and will take a photo as soon as it is done.

Today I called Cranberry Quiltworks in Yorba Linda because my quilting machine was frozen. It just stopped while I ws sewing and would not work. The technician there was very friendly and helpful, and solved the problem for me over the phone.  I recommend their services to any and every one.  They were willing to go out of their way to fix my machine for me. Great customer service!!  Thanks folks.

Here are some headless dolls in progress forever…

January 10, 2009

One dsc_26952of them is made with size labels. Small, Medium and Large. (Maybe XL too, I don’t remember.) I used to have a contract sewing business and had thousands of size tags left over from a job. I thought that they were too great to toss, so they have been sitting around for years waiting for the exact right use… the top photo is a closeup. I think I have a good magenta head for one of them, Aren’t they fun!dsc_2696c3

More of Liz’s photos of my stuff

January 10, 2009


Here are some dolls I have made. Leroy, my husband, calls them Pizza dolls, because of their triangular shape. They are all hand made and just something fun to do. I usually have one going and stitch a little bit every once in a while. I have three bodies waiting for the right heads.

Carpinteria Magazine article

January 9, 2009

dsc_2719dsc_2724dsc_2772cdsc_2709dsc_2609dsc_2601Last summer I participated in the studio tour where local artists opened their studios to the public. My next door neighbor Marty Lee was the one who talked me into doing it. Because of that little bit of exposure, all sorts of great things have been happening.  I entered a quilt in a show at a local shop called Porch that has a small gallery. I was asked to do a show there in March 2009. I was also interviewed for a magazine article in Carpinteria Magazine.  The issue came out in October or maybe early November. It was fun to have my 15 minutes of fame in my home town.

Anyway, I am adding some photos that were taken for the article by Liz Muraoka. Some of them were in the article and some were not. Unfortunately, the current issue of the Carp Magazine is not up yet on the website, so have fun looking at the photos here. Oh, a friend, Jackie Walsh, who just married Gary Neilson saw one of the quilts in the magazine and bought it for her new restaurant at Santa Claus Lane.You can see it in person there.

I will add more photos later.