Road to California entries

I had two quilts accepted into Road to California this year. One is a conglomeration of my Wild Women series, sewn onto a black background. The other is the Santa Barbara Riviera. The show is next week end. I am going to drive down to Ontario on Tuesday and take two classes from longarm instructors Pam Clark and Jamie Wallen.  Then on Friday, I am taking a class from Yvonne Porcella who is coming to our guild, then on Saturday, going back to Ontario to see the show and take a class from Pamela Allen. Phew… I won’t know if I am coming or going by next week.

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One Response to “Road to California entries”

  1. WendyB Says:

    Hi Ranell,
    I’m in your Tues Night class – I’m the girl w/ the blog… I love your entries from the recent show and posted a pic on my blog, Also, Ive got some good news about my potential little quilt shop. I’d love to pick your brain and talk about classes!

    Best, Wendy Breakstone Ladd

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