Faulkner Gallery Show

Here is a preview of a show that Jeanne Surber, Judy Rys and I just hung. It is at the Faulkner Gallery East located at the main branch of the Santa Barbara Public Library on Anacapa St. The show is called Conceptualize, Create, Communicate. Our work is very diverse, and yet blends well together. It is an absolute splash of color, texture, pattern and form. Please try to come and see our work during the month of March.

One Response to “Faulkner Gallery Show”

  1. Linda Heim Says:

    Looking forward to seeing your work again! You have given me so much inspiration. Also, will a quilt of yours be at the Jewish Federation Show- The Quilt: A Stitch in Time
    March 13 – June 3
    Opening Reception: Sun. Mar. 13, 2-4 pm?
    If you are at the reception I hope to see you there.

    Best Wishes,
    Linda, (Helen Valinsky’s caregiver) from the old days at Maravilla

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