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Faulkner Gallery Show

March 3, 2011

Here is a preview of a show that Jeanne Surber, Judy Rys and I just hung. It is at the Faulkner Gallery East located at the main branch of the Santa Barbara Public Library on Anacapa St. The show is called Conceptualize, Create, Communicate. Our work is very diverse, and yet blends well together. It is an absolute splash of color, texture, pattern and form. Please try to come and see our work during the month of March.

“Grateful Dance” my newest quilt

September 27, 2010

Here is a photo of my newest quilt. It is entitled Grateful Dance. I created it in commemoration of my two hip replacements and in gratitude that I have mobility again. My inspirations were the skeletons from the Dia De Los Muertos tradition, and an image I saw on a T shirt of the Virgin of Guadalupe as a skeleton. The titanium hips are made of gold and silver lame fabric.

This quilt  got a blue ribbon at the local quilt show last week end. I am entering it in Road to California. I am also quilting the muslin base fabric as a whole cloth quilt just to practice my machine quilting skills. I will be retiring from my full time job in October and plan to return to custom machine quilting as a retirement business. I feel that I need to hone my machine quilting skills because it has been a long time since I quilted full time.

This photo doesn’t show the border, which is very cool. I will take another pic with the border on soon. Actually I talked to my friend Judy Rys about taking a photo of the quilt for me.

Angel and Nativity banners

December 11, 2009

I just completed these banners for the Community Church in Carpinteria. I am happy with how they turned out, but need to make the faces more distinct. The angel is based on a Botticelli painting, and the figure of Mary is based on Susanne, my daughter in law with Beatrix, my grand daughter. I searched for a traditional rendering of Mary that had her holding a newborn baby. Almost everything I looked at either had the baby Jesus as a miniature man, or as a chubby 6 month old or more. Nobody portrays him as a newborn. The photo of Suzanne with Bea was just right, and the expression on her face is one of pride and contentment. I think that is probably what Mary felt. There is a certain euphoria that comes when you finally meet the baby you have been nurturing for 9 months face to face.
I felt great satisfaction having the banners completed and hung in the church. I grew up in that church.

Woo Hoo Best of Show!

October 5, 2008

Today I took my family to the Coastal Quilter’s Guild show where My wild women quilts were awarded Best of Show. I was pretty proud. My daughter in law, Suzanne, (the one in the San Francisco quilt that was in the West Coast Wonder’s exhibit at IQA Long Beach) said that being related to the winner of the Best of Show was like being with the David Bowie of the quilting world. She said that people turned and stared at me when someone said, “There goes the quilter who made the Best of Show quilts.” I was pretty jazzed!!!

Here are photos of me with the “Wild Women” quilts, and me with “Suzanne” at Long Beach. How dorkey to have you picture taken with your quilt… Oh well, I admit to a certain percentage of dorkiness.

This is me standing beside my quilts.

This is me standing beside my quilts.

I am holding up the home town newspaper.

My George Bush Quilt

June 30, 2008

I am seeking input for my George Bush quilt. Anyone who would like to contribute a quote or a fact that I can use on this quilt, please reply. I do not know where I am going with it, but I have some ideas and would like to incorporate words with images. All help is appreciated.

Vindicated, at last…

April 30, 2008

OK, scroll back to the post that I left entitled rejection. I wrote yesterday that I was going to be included in the studio Tour of the Carpinteria Valley Arts Council. I got a letter stating that they were having a show for the month of May that would include work by the artists participating in the Studio Tour ( includes a reception)- little gallery but local and cute. The same gallery that rejected the Wild Woman #1 piece that I now am entitled to enter in the show… Perseverence… or luck. I am so excited!!!

The show will be at the former Step One Gallery now renamed 855 At the Arts Center. It is on Linden ave in Carpinteria. It opens on May 2 with an artist reception on May 9 from 5:00-7:00.

another piece that is in progress… forever?

February 25, 2008


This is a card I found in a bookshop in Victoria BC.


This is the image I made to use in a design similar to this card. I started it two or three years ago, and just can’t seem to finish it. It is based on a photo of my best friend Martha, and somehow the shadow and light did not work.  It’s no wonder that this piece  does not work. I have never had a class in shading or light source, I just know that it is important to get it right and maybe that is why I just can’t finish it. However, I just can’t cut it up either. I think there is something to learn from this piece, so it still hangs on my wall in my studio.

Wild Woman # 2 in progress

February 3, 2008

Wild Women #2 Livia

Here’s #2 in the Wild Women series. I have finished the composition and am working on the threadpainting and the details. I am happy with how it is turning out. I especially like the highlights on the arm. When I walked into the studio this afternoon and looked at what I had done last week, I was disappointed in the arms because they looked so flat. I tried that little light piece and it was not enough. When I repeated the thin line in orangey fabric, it worked just fine. I will get the same thread that I do the face with and highlight it a little more with thread.

 It does not take that long to do  these, what takes a long time is the getting around to doing them. Hence the 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there. I hope to have them done before September.

Last night my husband was watching a very scary video, and when he watches something I do not want to see I usually come out and sew. But just hearing the scary music from the video and the screams and all, I was too scared to walk across the driveway ane be here all by myself. What a baby… It was written by Dean Koonz, who writes psychological horror. I can deal with good scary, my favorite movie being Arachnaphobia, but if it is too close to reality, I get nightmares. Anyway, enough said.

I have entered Wild Women #1 (me) in a small show here in Santa Barbara at the Architectural Review Board’s gallery. That starts in March and runs for a month.

rejection, again

January 21, 2008

wild-women-_1-003.jpgI This is my latest quilt. It is called Wild Women #1 and is the first in a series of quilts of myself and 3 friends after painting our faces and posing for the camera.

I know they say that you need to have a thick skin when entering your work in shows, but I think my work is great, and this quilt has been rejected from the last two shows I entered. WAAAAAH!!! One was a museum where my own group was showing and the other was a gallery.  I can understand the gallery as my work is bound and not framed, and there is possibly some resistance to quilting as “art”, but I still feel let down.  This morning I went to see the show that I was just rejected from and there was work in the show that I considered marginal as compared to mine. I guess it is true that  judges and curators are just people with their own taste and they choose work according to their own bias and from their own background. I just feel a little low. I am going to start entering the same quilt in as many shows as I can. Maybe someone will like it…

Fiber Art Portraits and my studio

January 5, 2008


Some photos of my studio and some work in progress.