Angel and Nativity banners

December 11, 2009

I just completed these banners for the Community Church in Carpinteria. I am happy with how they turned out, but need to make the faces more distinct. The angel is based on a Botticelli painting, and the figure of Mary is based on Susanne, my daughter in law with Beatrix, my grand daughter. I searched for a traditional rendering of Mary that had her holding a newborn baby. Almost everything I looked at either had the baby Jesus as a miniature man, or as a chubby 6 month old or more. Nobody portrays him as a newborn. The photo of Suzanne with Bea was just right, and the expression on her face is one of pride and contentment. I think that is probably what Mary felt. There is a certain euphoria that comes when you finally meet the baby you have been nurturing for 9 months face to face.
I felt great satisfaction having the banners completed and hung in the church. I grew up in that church.

My newest completed work and some work in progress

November 24, 2009

I finished a piece for the Fibervision alphabet challenge. My letter was B and the peramemers were to create a piece that would be displayed on stretcher bars 24×30. I am really happy with how my piece turned out.


Here is another photo of my Mariner’s Stopwatch hanging at the Houston Show. I met my friend Martha there and we had a wonderful time both at the show and with one another catching up on the past year or so worth of conversation.

 I made halloween costumes for the grandkids. I never did get a good photo of the two of them together in their matching clown outfits, but here is a great one of Atticus in his. We went with them to trick- or- treat at some of the North Beach merchants. Atticus did not want to wear his clown hat, but when his dad told him that if he wore the hat, he would get more candy, on went the hat. Pretty cute. 

Here’s Beatrix




My New A1 quilt machine

July 12, 2009

Lynn Douglas and her husband Scott were here today to set up my new A1 quilting machine. I am happy!!!. The thing I really like about it, besides the fact that it is very lightweight compared to my Gammill, is that it has an automatic lift system so that the table can be raised and lowered with a little remote. So, when I get tired, I change the height of the machine, sit if I am standing, stand if I am sitting, and continue quilting.

I bought the new machine as an investment in my retirement. I hope to retire from my full time job soon and return to teaching and quilting full time. 

My other good news is that my Mariner’s Stopwatch quilt was accepted as a finalist in the Houston show. I hope to be going to Houston in October. I will also be entering my Wild Women series in Road to CA, which is in January. I have already registered for some classes at Road. I think that taking classes will get me closer to my goal of quilting and teaching full time.

I got my Yosemite quilt back from the First Thursday exhibit at Grant House. I need to quilt the borders more. I wanted it to look like a frame, so I put iron on interfacing on the back of the fabric so that it would be stiff enough not to quilt the outside border. However, the iron in interfacing I used shrinks with steam and makes the fabric bubble slightly. I know no one else sees it, but I do, and it really bugs me. I think that if I quilt the border more, it will take care of the bubbling problem. I just do not quite know what I want to do yet. I will have to take off the sleeve, but that is not problem.  I will photograph it “before and after”. ( if I did not have to work tomorrow, I would do it then. I plan to take Wednesday off to quilt. I have such a hard time taking week days off because i feel like if I am not there, the place would not function…Yeah, right…Oh well.. Work Ethic – we should be taught interdepedence, not independence.)

Enough night time ramblings. I will post photos when I get them taken.

My Yosemite quilt

June 22, 2009

DSC_0758I finished my challenge quilt at 10:00 the night before it was due and turned it in. The Challenge theme was The Art of the Travel Poster. I chose Yosemite for my quilt and used a photo that Leroy had taken when we were there in April with the kids and grand kids.  Here is the photo of Yosemite falls that I used as inspiration.

I do not have a photo of the finished quilt yet, because I forgot to photograph it before I turned it in, but my quilt won the highest award in the challenge, and tomorrow I am going to be interviewed by the News Press… I will post a photo after tomorrow. The quilts are on display at Grant House sewing center on Canon Perdido near the Sojourner restaurant in Santa Barbara. I do not have the full address, but if you know SB,  you can find it.


mariner’s stopwatch

May 23, 2009


Here is the Mariner’s Stopwatch quilt I just submitted to IQ A Houston Show. Judy Rys took the photo for me, put it on a disc and I mailed it off Express mail to reach Houston by tomorrow at noon, because I waited until right before the deadline to mail it. What is it with me? It seems like if there is not a deadline attached, I never get anything done… I hope to be accepted into the show. This is a 2 person mixed technique quilt. It is a product of a Fibervision Challenge alternately called revision, and regurgitation. We each put something in a bag that we were totally willing to give away with no strings attached.  The challenge was to make something out of it. I got the mariner’s compas block and used it as the center of my stopwatch. Serindipity is amazing… the Mariner’s Compass block was made by Rene Jennings.When she saw the quilt she told me that she used to coach track, and had a stopwatch in her hand constantly. Wierd, huh!


my show at Porch

May 14, 2009

So, one of my dreams was to have a show of my own work and it has become a reality. I was asked to exhibit my quilts at Porch, a wonderful gift shop in Carpinteria that used to be a bank. After it was a bank it was an auto parts store, which used the  bank vault for storage. Porch made the vault into a gallery. They call their gallery, what else, Vault.

I was told by the owners of Porch that they had more people come in to see my show in the first 10 days than at at any show they had there since they opened. I was happy about that. I sold one piece, Todd’s Fishing House. It is always a little sad to sell your work, because I will miss seeing it. I guess that is something you get used to.   But, Oh Well, more money to go into my quilt machine fund. Besides, then I get to make more quilts.

Last Saturday I participated in the Carpinteria Artists Studio Tour. It was fun to have people visit my studio and get their feedback on my work. Inbetween visitors I made a really cute little dress for my grand daughter, Beatrix.  I have a piece in the local gallery, a group show featuring the work of the artists featured in the Tour.  There are some interesting pieces in the show. I finally finished my Green Martha, and submitted it for the show. I am pretty happy with how it turned out. No photo, though.

I have found out that I am definitely not a blogger, that is, I do not take the time to post entries in a very timely manner… I want to try and improve that. We shall see…. I wish I had time for all of my creative pursuits…

Quilting Machine for sale

January 25, 2009

p12401541                                                                                            I am selling my Gammill Optimum quilting machine. The price is $8000.00.  I bought it new in 1998 and have quilted over 500 quilts on it. It has a 14 foot table and comes with some accessories and patterns. It has been well maintained and runs beautifully. Here are some photos of it. If you are interested, please email me at Thanks, Ranellp1240156p1240157p1240158p1240159p1240160

January 14, 2009


this is a cool detail from one of my Wild Women quilts.


This is the one I sold to Jackie for her new restaurant.


Here are Leroy and me laughing at something… We are standing in front of the quilts of us.


This is a photo of  my toy sewing machine collection.


This Mariner’s compass was part of a challenge. It has become a Mariner’s Stopwatch. I am quilting it currently, and will take a photo as soon as it is done.

Today I called Cranberry Quiltworks in Yorba Linda because my quilting machine was frozen. It just stopped while I ws sewing and would not work. The technician there was very friendly and helpful, and solved the problem for me over the phone.  I recommend their services to any and every one.  They were willing to go out of their way to fix my machine for me. Great customer service!!  Thanks folks.

Here are some headless dolls in progress forever…

January 10, 2009

One dsc_26952of them is made with size labels. Small, Medium and Large. (Maybe XL too, I don’t remember.) I used to have a contract sewing business and had thousands of size tags left over from a job. I thought that they were too great to toss, so they have been sitting around for years waiting for the exact right use… the top photo is a closeup. I think I have a good magenta head for one of them, Aren’t they fun!dsc_2696c3

More of Liz’s photos of my stuff

January 10, 2009


Here are some dolls I have made. Leroy, my husband, calls them Pizza dolls, because of their triangular shape. They are all hand made and just something fun to do. I usually have one going and stitch a little bit every once in a while. I have three bodies waiting for the right heads.