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Vindicated, at last…

April 30, 2008

OK, scroll back to the post that I left entitled rejection. I wrote yesterday that I was going to be included in the studio Tour of the Carpinteria Valley Arts Council. I got a letter stating that they were having a show for the month of May that would include work by the artists participating in the Studio Tour ( includes a reception)- little gallery but local and cute. The same gallery that rejected the Wild Woman #1 piece that I now am entitled to enter in the show… Perseverence… or luck. I am so excited!!!

The show will be at the former Step One Gallery now renamed 855 At the Arts Center. It is on Linden ave in Carpinteria. It opens on May 2 with an artist reception on May 9 from 5:00-7:00.

Coming out of a creative dry spell

April 27, 2008

Work and Family has kept me from doing my art. Here is a picture of the latest family member, Beatrix, born on April 10. I will also include one of Atticus, the 21/2 year old that we  spent the a week and a half wrangling.

I am working on a picture of Todd’s fishing house in South Carolina.

I am also starting to clean up my studio because I will be participating in the Carpinteria Valley Arts Council’s Open Studio Tour on May 10. My neighbor, Marty will share the time and space with me, so I think it will be really fun. Marty does Acrylics and oil painting. It was her idea.

The next show that the Fibervision group will be in is the Fabulous Fiberfest in Santa Monica in August. Our Fibervision meeting yesterday was at Andi Pereja’s house in Arroyo Grande. after the meeting we went to the 7 sisters quilt show at the Madonna Conference Center in San Luis Obispo.  There were some great quilts there but there were some ho hum pieces as well.

 I studied their layout to figure out what works and does not work in quilt show layout, because I will be doing the site design for the Coastal Quilters show in October. It was a good show, but I did not get that hit of Wow! from any of the quilts I saw. I did think that some of the quilts were a little too close together, so it was hard to enjoy one with out looking at the other. They hung some spectacular quilts from the ceiling, but if you did not look up, you would miss them .  Not to be critical. It was a good show and there were a lot of great quilts, just not to my taste.