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My New A1 quilt machine

July 12, 2009

Lynn Douglas and her husband Scott were here today to set up my new A1 quilting machine. I am happy!!!. The thing I really like about it, besides the fact that it is very lightweight compared to my Gammill, is that it has an automatic lift system so that the table can be raised and lowered with a little remote. So, when I get tired, I change the height of the machine, sit if I am standing, stand if I am sitting, and continue quilting.

I bought the new machine as an investment in my retirement. I hope to retire from my full time job soon and return to teaching and quilting full time. 

My other good news is that my Mariner’s Stopwatch quilt was accepted as a finalist in the Houston show. I hope to be going to Houston in October. I will also be entering my Wild Women series in Road to CA, which is in January. I have already registered for some classes at Road. I think that taking classes will get me closer to my goal of quilting and teaching full time.

I got my Yosemite quilt back from the First Thursday exhibit at Grant House. I need to quilt the borders more. I wanted it to look like a frame, so I put iron on interfacing on the back of the fabric so that it would be stiff enough not to quilt the outside border. However, the iron in interfacing I used shrinks with steam and makes the fabric bubble slightly. I know no one else sees it, but I do, and it really bugs me. I think that if I quilt the border more, it will take care of the bubbling problem. I just do not quite know what I want to do yet. I will have to take off the sleeve, but that is not problem.  I will photograph it “before and after”. ( if I did not have to work tomorrow, I would do it then. I plan to take Wednesday off to quilt. I have such a hard time taking week days off because i feel like if I am not there, the place would not function…Yeah, right…Oh well.. Work Ethic – we should be taught interdepedence, not independence.)

Enough night time ramblings. I will post photos when I get them taken.