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My Chair

July 19, 2012

Here is my chair. It was bought at a yard sale in absolutely deplorable condition. I think it was a restaurant chair because the upholstery was beyond stained. It was Grrrrrrross. The wood part was chipped and in general shoddy, but it was a sturdy chair and I saw possibilities in it. The covering was inspired by a Jelly Roll quilt race that I participated in at Roxanne’s, a Wish and a Dream. I pieced the fabric, quilted it and then reupholstered the chair. It was fun. I love how it came out. See it at Roxanne’s in Carpinteria. It is for sale.

You can see a little of the old upholstery sticking out at the bottom of this photo. Here is a photo of the whole gross piece from the seat cushion.