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Quilt accepted in to “Road to California”

December 6, 2008

I just found out this week that my quilt, “Todd’s Fishing House” was accepted into Road. The Blockheads, one of my groups,  are planning a trip down there in January. Bev Ferro will be there as a vendor and can see it in person. Her man, Todd is the one who built the fishing house near their pond, which he restored and stocked with fish. When we visited them we walked around the property looking at all the cool stuff he either has restored or is in the process of restoring. He has a grist mill on the property which he is restoring a little bit at a time, an American Gothic style house that is also in the process of being restored,  some fields, some forest, a creek. It is a fabulous place, full of history and beauty. I took the photo of the fish shack that inspired this quilt. It is pretty true to the photo. I used the actual photos of the stuff hanging on the wall because I could not figure out how to represent them. I ended up enlarging the bits i used and  photocopying them on to fabric and then appliqueing them onto the quilt. If I can find the original photo, I will upload it to this posting.