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My newest completed work and some work in progress

November 24, 2009

I finished a piece for the Fibervision alphabet challenge. My letter was B and the peramemers were to create a piece that would be displayed on stretcher bars 24×30. I am really happy with how my piece turned out.


Here is another photo of my Mariner’s Stopwatch hanging at the Houston Show. I met my friend Martha there and we had a wonderful time both at the show and with one another catching up on the past year or so worth of conversation.

 I made halloween costumes for the grandkids. I never did get a good photo of the two of them together in their matching clown outfits, but here is a great one of Atticus in his. We went with them to trick- or- treat at some of the North Beach merchants. Atticus did not want to wear his clown hat, but when his dad told him that if he wore the hat, he would get more candy, on went the hat. Pretty cute. 

Here’s Beatrix




Vindicated, at last…

April 30, 2008

OK, scroll back to the post that I left entitled rejection. I wrote yesterday that I was going to be included in the studio Tour of the Carpinteria Valley Arts Council. I got a letter stating that they were having a show for the month of May that would include work by the artists participating in the Studio Tour ( includes a reception)- little gallery but local and cute. The same gallery that rejected the Wild Woman #1 piece that I now am entitled to enter in the show… Perseverence… or luck. I am so excited!!!

The show will be at the former Step One Gallery now renamed 855 At the Arts Center. It is on Linden ave in Carpinteria. It opens on May 2 with an artist reception on May 9 from 5:00-7:00.